Night Club/Response Medics

Professional Medics For Your Venue

As an owner of a bar or night club do you want your security staff tied up dealing with someone who has had a bit to much to drink or has fallen down the stairs? Do you want to have an ambulance with blue lights flashing outside your venue? If the answer

is NO then Scot Medical's Ambulance Service can help. By providing on site medical staff to your customers, it could improve your business reputation as well as relieving the pressure on already stretched emergency departments and ambulance service, not to mention on your own security and bar staff.

Whether it's for a full day or just a couple of hours then we can provide the solution. We provide staff who have a lot of experience in this area. We attend in uniform, with ID and all the equipment required to carry out the job professionally. All of Scot Medical's staff have proven themselves working with alcohol and drug induced problems.

What Is A Night Club Medic?

In light of the rise in the use and dangers of Recreational Drugs including new Psychoactive Substances (known as legal highs) as well as hospital admissions and deaths, Nightclub Medics have never before been such a vital part of our night-time economy as now. Nightclub Medics bridge the gap between First Aiders and hospital care with special training and awareness in alcohol intoxication, recreational drug use and minor injuries. They provide a service to nightclubs, licensed premises and club related music events. They do not take over the role of statutory services (eg. Paramedic, Nurses and Doctors). Nightclub Medics enhance on the first aid provision by providing the service to fully assess/monitor and treat patients and to provide incredible benefits to the outcome of the patient and your venue. They are the ideal alternative to First Aiders, who often hold no training, awareness or facility to safely assess, monitor and treat those intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs, including the recognition and early-treatment of Serotonin Toxicity.

Mixed with their specialist training in recreational drug use, Nightclub Medics provide the capability to fully assess and monitor patients, this is incredibly vital when dealing with potential medical emergencies as well as alcohol and drug intoxication. Symptoms of this can mimic those of many other conditions and medical emergencies such as Hypoglycemia and Head Injuries. They can therefore treat more appropriately on-site, heavily reducing 999 ambulance calls and referrals to hospital providing more adequate treatment whilst awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Services. By quickly recognising the onset of medical emergencies such as Serotonin Toxicity allowing quicker treatment and referral to A&E and providing a greater chance of survival. Without our presence and ability to fully assess a patient's vital signs and history, this may be left unnoticed until it is too late.

Our Nightclub Medics also offer an incredibly valuable drop in advice service offering confidential and completely non-judgemental advice in first aid, alcohol, drugs and sexual health.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Highly trained on-site professionals, providing incredibly high standards of care to your patrons
  • Either Uniformed or Plain Clothed (Covert) staff
  • Reduced 999 ambulance calls
  • Reduced blue light presence
  • Less licencing and policing issues due to a reduced presence, and the presence of quality Medical Staff
  • Early recognition of life-threatening emergencies which would otherwise be left unnoticed until too late
  • Reassurance to yourselves and your patrons that professional care is at hand to Staff, Patrons and VIP's
  • Allows named First Aiders (Door Staff, Bar Staff etc) to focus on their role with the reassurance that all First Aid and Medical Incidents are being looked after by a genuinely honest, caring and professional team
  • Work alongside your team to ensure all of your requirements are covered
  • A dedicated Team Leader on hand for you
  • A team of the most passionate honest, reliable and skilled staff in the industry

The levels of cover provided range from fully equipped and staffed medical rooms to solo personnel equipped with extensive trauma equipment, a defibrillator and oxygen.