"Event organisers should ensure that a competent organisation is appointed to manage medical services at an event. The appointed organisation should be experienced in the medical management of similar events" (Paragraph 717, The Event Safety Guide (HMSO)

Scot Medical Ambulance Service has several different types of medical professionals at our disposal, from First Aiders to Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors who are fully qualified and experienced within their field of expertise.

All staff are provided with the correct equipment ID Cards and Uniform to undertake their role and our clinical staff have NHS experience and training.

When an accident or illness occurs at an event, Scot Medical Ambulance Service can prevent further harm and help to save lives by providing the first line of Emergency Treatment. We have a range of fully equipped vehicles to enable a quick and timely response. We can provide Emergency Ambulances, Urgent Care Ambulances, 4x4 Response Vehicles, Quad Bikes, Rapid Response Road Vehicles, Cycle Responders, Mobile Treatment Centres and Field Hospitals.

All of our vehicles utilise the latest medical technology, they are fully stocked to NHS specification with consumables. The equipment includes; Oxygen resuscitation equipment, Drugs(if a qualified staff member is present), first aid kits and a defibrillator and monitor. This means that our vehicles are ready to assist with any eventuality or incident that may occur. They are also equipped with radio communications enabling us to remain in contact with our medical team. All vehicles are fitted with Blue Lights and Sirens. 


Some of our clients include: -

  • George Walker Events Management
  • National Trust for Scotland
  • Along Came Kirsty
  • Abertay University
  • Stonehaven & Deeside Motor Club
  • 750 Motor Club
  • Scottish Tractor Pullers Club
  • Deeside Steam and Vintage Rally
  • Team Challenge Company
  • Gerry Muldoon Events
  • Stonehaven Round Table
  • Stonehaven Fireballs
  • Friends of Anchor
  • Dundee Ice Arena
  • WWE NXT Live
  • Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre
  • And so many more

Some of the events we cover 

  • Sporting Events
  • Equestrian Events
  • Motorsport
  • School Fetes
  • Private Functions
  • Weddings
  • Firework Displays
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Multi-Day Events
  • Overnight Events
  • 24hr Events
  • Endurance Events
  • Cycling Events
  • Beer & Gin Festivals
  • Boxing
  • Charity Events
  • Road Races
  • Time Trials
  • Team Building Events
  • Fun Runs
  • Obstacle Runs
  • Music Events
  • Running Events
  • Water Sports
  • New Years Events
  • Religious Festivals
  • Multi-Cultural Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Triathlons
  • Oktoberfests
  • Wrestling
  • Film Shoots
Last Minute Cover

If you have been let down by your medical supplier we can step in to assist.

How To Book

Follow our simple guide below to receive your quote

Our operations team will send you a event medical questionnaire form. Once this is completed and returned we will then assess and confirm the level of resources you require, then provide you with our recommendation of cover.

Our operations team take the lead from you, the event organiser, as the final level of cover remains your responsibility. We will then issue you with a formal quotation of the level of cover requested, along with our terms and conditions. If you accept this quote you can sign it and return it to us. The operations team will then send an invoice, which must be paid at time of booking to receive a confirmation of cover. It is only at this point that a contractual agreement exists between us and yourselves.

During your event our Team Leader will make themselves known to the Event Organiser as soon as they are on site. At this time they will liaise with you directly to ensure a smooth and professional service is provided. The Team Leader will be responsible for our medical staff onsite and any issues will be dealt with by this person.

Our staff will document every patient contact they have either on a Patient Report Form (PRF) or a Minor Injury Report Form (MIRF). These will be kept in a secure archive as per Data Protection Policies and Legislation.

Following your event we will supply you with a casualty summary report for all casualties treated at the event. This data is very basic information allowed by the Data Protection Act. (PRF / MIRF Ref, Time Frame, Age, Gender, Nature of Injury and Outcome). This information will be provided within 7 days of the event. Any further information must be obtained in writing. We may provide further information if the incident is reportable under RIDDOR. If this is the case we will obtain permission from the casualty before releasing any information. The last item you will receive is an Evaluation Form we would like to know how we did, what we did well and how we could improve our service to you. We'd be very grateful if this could be returned to us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to speck to a member of our operations team then please feel free to contact us via phone 07596 147 918 or email via link below.